Family Care Foundation (FCF) Drug Awareness program

Overwhelmingly a calamity affecting youth in many nations, illicit drug use results in broken homes, abandoned children, disease, lost opportunities, and loved ones who suffer along with the addict. Once embarked upon, it is a downward spiral with no stopping place.

Family Care Foundation drug awareness programs focus on education and prevention using music, drama, and other youth-oriented media. A hip, motivating ‘say no to drugs’ message is conveyed via music, the universal medium of young people.

Family Care project partners promote drug education in schools, conduct anti-narcotic presentations and present programs in youth hangouts.

FCF project partners do symposium partnering with national police, and also train drug counselors and provide former addicts with skills to achieve reintegration into society. read more…

“A life destroyed by drug abuse is a tragedy with terrible ripple effects.” —Grant Montgomery, FCF President

Other Family Care Foundation programs include: