Future Horizons

FCF partner: Future Horizons, Bangkok, Thailand

Future Horizons Project Managers Etoile Bentjes, Hilary Roys, and Albert Ross

Future Horizons has been conducting anti-narcotic programs in the Bangkok area as an on-going project since 1992.

Future Horizons conduct seminars in schools and distribute audiotapes produced with the intent of reinforcing the anti-drug theme. These 2-hour seminars are conducted by a 12-man team and include short lectures, meaningful songs & skits, games and participative activities–all of which inform the students on the dangers of drugs and motivate them to make the right decisions in their lives. Read more

Similar seminars are conducted at a re-entry center for juvenile drug addicts.

Other Future Horizons programs include:

  • Children’s educational videos program for kindergarten and primary schools
  • Humanitarian aid and relief work.